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4K HDMI KVM Switch

  1. PW-SH0104K HDMI KVM Switch 4K Resolution
PW-SH0104K HDMI KVM Switch 4K Resolution

PW-SH0104K HDMI KVM Switch 4K Resolution

  2. 4K *2K @30HZ
  3. Product description:
PW-SH0104K HDMI KVM Switch 4K Resolution

1. Description HDMI KVM switch four groups of high-definition video source and USB interface implementation free switch, Adaptive EDID/HDCP decryption, can adapt to a variety of complex application environments.The equipment has excellent image processing and transmission capacity, make the output signal is more smooth and steady, is a reliable, high performance and efficient way of HDMI USB switch 2. Features
  • The four-way HD video source choose USB interface to realize four free switch;
  • Support video resolution max up to 4Kx2K@30Hz;
  • Compliance with HDMI 1.4 standard;
  • Adaptive EDID/HDCP decryption, able to adapt to a variety of complex application environment;
  • Hot key switch, convenient and quick(Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock+ 1234)
  • HDCP 1.2 standard - high-bandwidth digital content protection technology;
  • High compatibility, can auto-match source and display device;
  • Built-in automatic adjustment system, make the image smooth, clear and stable'
  • Built-in ESD protection system; Simple to install, plug and play;

  • 4. Specifications
    Parameter Description
    Video Standards HDMI 1.4HDCP 1.2
    Maximum pixel clock 225MHz
    Maximum data rate 10Gbps
    Resolution range Up to 4Kx2K@30Hz, 3D, 1920*1080@60Hz
    Connector HDMI-A Interface
    Impedance 100Ω
    HDMI Cable Range <5M( Resolution: 1920*1080@60Hz)
    USB Interface protocols USB2.0
    PC input interface type USB-B
    Output interface type USB-A
    Other Power supply The power adapter: DC 5V
    Power dissipation MAX 3W
    Temperature Operating: -5 ~ +70
    Humidity Operating: 5% ~ 90%
    Dimension 230*74*25mm
    The warranty 1 year free warranty
    5. Panel
    Port name Description
    1 5V power supply input port
    2 HDMI video output signal
    3 PC1 group HDMI USB input
    4 PC2 group HDMI USB input
    5 PC3 group HDMI USB input
    6 PC4 group HDMI USB input
    7 PC1, PC2PC3PC4 switch buttons and status indicators
    8 Power light
    9 USB keyboard mouse connectors