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Multiview & Seamless Switch HDMI Matrix  In the 2017, PWAY  R&D team has researched the Newest function HDMI Matrix Support Multiview on Computer, you could preview the hdmi video and seamless swicth by keyboard exchange the view image .

As so far ,we are the leader on this product ! 

  1. Support visual select and seamless switch source device input on computer control software.
  2. Offer scalable/integration and flexible input-output matrix configuration,  allows infinite input to infinite output through Lan switch supporting IGMP.
  3. Highest resolution up to 1080P@60Hz.
  4. Extend distance up to 200M over single Cat5e/6 cable.
  5. Apply H.264, RS232, IR control
  6. Metal casing, stable and durable


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